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May 2018
I've been lost in the forest of guilt,
and I don't know the way out,
I tried to call for help,
My thoughts I tried to shout,
but I could only do a whisper,
that you didn't even hear,
now intoxicated,
my sight's hazy and unclear.
But I know I put myself into this,
My actions that tear me apart,
anger took hold of me,
now the price I pay is the pain in my heart.
I've always held back,
it's love that I lack,
wanting to disappear,
now surrounded by fear.
It's time to finish this,
the war I started,
no use finding,
all the hearts that I discarded.
To the dark I had confided,
all the secrets that I spilled,
all the people I had killed,
now the altar is filled with my sin.
My heart spinning out of control,
will someone please pull the brakes?
Cause all of my life,
it's just full of mistakes,
and I unfortunately drink tea with liars and fakes.
Edric Daumier
Written by
Edric Daumier
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