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May 2018
I know a boy who was so badly hated, but he never let down, he was always elated.
Till he was so hurt, he felt suffocated.
It wasn't long before his hope dissipated, and his mind, heart and soul slowly degraded.
They asked him if he was fine, but they didn't really care, they just wanted attention here and there.
He saw his skin was bare, he didn't feel fair, even though he was religious, he took the dare.
He didn't stop till his whole arm was bleeding, he knew it worked, cause now he feels like fainting.
The last thing that he saw was his lil sister's painting, it showed him and her together, it was heartbreaking.
His friends walked in and saw his cold body still, but they just laughed until they had their fill.
His sister goes to his school to pick him up, but when she sees him, she comes to a sudden stop.
She starts to cry and falls down to the floor, she keeps shouting even when her throat is sore.
She sees a note in his hand and sees what it's for, it says "I'm sorry sis, I love you, but I can't take this anymore."
Edric Daumier
Written by
Edric Daumier
   Salmabanu Hatim and Noone
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