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Oct 10
You forgot that we were lovers
Before I was your wife
You stopped making love to me
I was not important in your life

I’m not referring to the ***
That was always good
It was the other things
Things that would

Let me know you cared
That I was your one and only
Those things we once shared
Were no more and I was lonely

And though I wasn’t happy
You know I never strayed
I tried to be the strong one
And so I stayed

Baby, you tried in your own way
And worked to take care
Of your obligations
But we never had a prayer

You thought that being a success
Was your ability to provide
An in your haste to succeed
You pushed me aside

So after all these years
All of the dust has settled
The money disappeared
The playing field has been levelled

I am left without your love
You are without mine
But if I had to do it all again my love
I would marry you again
Written by
   David R and Krista DelleFemine
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