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Oct 2012
Oh little baby girl who stays so close to my chest and whose world is vast and wide
I feel you clenching ever so tightly to me as I carry you in from the rain outside
The thunder roars and I hear your squeals as you bury yourself in my arms
Know your daddy will assuredly save you from any type of harms

I'll kiss your forehead and carry you to your room and sactuary
As I wipe the water off your face and hug you if things get scary
Wrapping you inside a freshly laundered towel and drying off your hair
Looking into your quivering eyes and showing I'll always be there

Telling you to hold on a moment and seeing you quietly nod your head
Running downstairs and preparing a treat as you call for me from your bed
Grabbing sheets from the closet and string as an idea come to view
A homemade tent, some tea for me, and hot cocoa for you

With all things gathered, I race back up and you look at me and smile
I return it with a bigger, more wrinkled one as I see my little child
As we sit there and sip our warms confections you giggle and your comfort grows
With foam upon your upper lip and a missing tooth in one of your pearly white rows

And we will stay here 'till the thunder chooses to finally cease
'Till my tea is finished and you are weary from your tent and little treat
The feeling of your gentle arms as they loosen and I tuck you in to sleep
Then walk to the door with my eyes set on you, your trance strong and deep

Looking at my little baby girl and the love that will never be severed
Knowing no matter her age, size, or tooth count, she will be my baby girl forever
Then walking out the door and pulling it close so she's just out of my view
Only to hear her barely say, "Goodnight, daddy. I love you..."
Nik Bland
Written by
Nik Bland  28/M/Port Charlotte, FL
(28/M/Port Charlotte, FL)   
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