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May 2018
Apologise. Run,
run to her until your toes start bleeding and your lungs are burning,
apologise until your tongue starts to feel numb and your throat is itching,
you lied to her she was the only flower in your garden when you were watering one rose after another,
you lied to her you would take a bullet for her when you were the one dancing behind the trigger,
you lied to her she was your moon when you were like the moon, constantly changing, never the same,
so many words but nothing ever comes close to describing your cheapness and vile nature, for your whole foundation has become so grotesque and abhorrent,
you see, karma never forgets,
it will come around and sting you like a bee.
in the spirit of cheats and liars, here's a little something to make you cringe at your evil doings:
Simra Sadaf
Written by
Simra Sadaf  22/F/India
     Silencer and Edmund black
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