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May 2018
There's a sealing on my heart,
and it feels like it's unbreakable,
but how long do I need to keep waiting,
until I find the key, which I cannot see.

Could it be today or tomorrow, then I am finally done with this sorrow. I am not searching for love, because I can't find it myself, it's like a lucky day to meet someone who's gonna stay.

But I'll be waiting, until the day I start fading.
You the person who I haven't met, I am already in love with you, and that's all that I need, to not give up and to stay until we meet.

Someday the right one will come, to break this sealing on my heart, with his and if it's true love, then I am sure that he will never miss, he will have the key, which I cannot see, but feel.
Written by
AW  F/Germany
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