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May 2018
It crept in,
Slow and tantalising.

A warmth,
That never before existed.

It, no he,
He made me yearn,
Yearn for something,
Something to love and cherish.

And l let him in.

I let him see the darkness within,
I showed him my fears,
My all...

He accepted me for who l was,
Showed kindness and concern,
Filled the void, thawed my frozen heart.

He's the thief who stole my heart.

The thief who cherished,
Showing me all the beautiful colours of love.

And here I stand upon your grave,
Asking for forgiveness.

You gave me things I could give,
For that I ask for forgiveness.

Our precious memories,
Our time spent together.

For all eternity,
I await you love once more.

For you are...

The Thief Who Stole My Heart!
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
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