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May 2018
The truth is, the walk was so long, you forgot where it all began,
you forgot to think twice before trusting someone so blindly,
you forgot to ask questions that questioned loyalty,
you forgot to find out if the love was ever real, if it were ever present,
you forgot to question their true intentions,
you forgot to peel off the mask,
you forgot to unravel the monster hiding behind that innocent face,
you forgot to decode the real meaning behind all the sugarcoated words,
you forgot to notice if the person was ever real,
you forgot that love does not drag you to the dark pit of hollowness,
you forgot that love does not scar you,
you forgot that love does not consume you till it ruins your flesh,
you forgot that love does not drill a hole through your heart,
you forgot that love does not asphyxiate you;
the severity of all this grows every second of everyday,
making you question your own worth,
making you question if your existence ever mattered,
convincing you this darkness will last forever,
that you will never find light,
that you will never crawl out of this pit,
and I swear by God's name, there is nothing in this world that can make it better.
Simra Sadaf
Written by
Simra Sadaf  22/F/India
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