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May 2018
You made me believe in love.
You showed me my worth.
You made my horizons move.
You inspired me to go forth.

Everything was well in the beginning -
i felt that all the puzzle pieces were complete.
I was assured that his back will never be turning,
and that his love for me won't deplete.

But just like a day - everything fades to black.
The sun rises and the sun sets.
Just like his love for me - every sweet words were taken back.
Every memories were stepped on just like used cigarettes.

But who can blame him?
Who can love someone like me?
A girl who still can't complete the harmony of the hymn,
a girl trapped in darkness and still misses a piece of her own puzzle.
I am brokenhearted. This is for the people who thinks that no one will ever accept them and make them feel loved for being their true selves. You deserve someone who will help you find the missing piece of yourself, who will be with you thru everything, who will have the courage to let you stay in their arms. We all deserve better and be happy.
Donna Belle
Written by
Donna Belle
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