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May 2018
My teeth slice into the warm chocolate
My guilty midnight pleasure
Only but a luxury nowadays
Red liquor pours from the hollow heart of the chocolate

Burning my tongue at first,
But settling to a light sting and a warm
Tingly sensation
I nervously fidget with my hands

As the soft chocolate dissolves in my mouth
To be forgotten eventually
Even if the trace of it
Remains forever

My eyes squint and my eyebrows tilt.
Should I take another one?
Perhaps the question is not should I,
But when will I.

Whether tonight or another night
I am addicted to the pop and burn
The liquor is red like blood
Chocolate soft like skin
And that alcohol seeping down my throat,
Burns like a cut
nic carwile
Written by
nic carwile  14/FTM/Snowy Nights
(14/FTM/Snowy Nights)   
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