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May 2018
They sent an ambulance
to our location.
The sirens could be heard
even under sedation.
The drugs that flow through my veins
I got without consultation.
I'm floating over broken glass
to my salvation.

I'm screaming for you from the crowd.
I hear you screaming from the crowd.
Don't suffocate on the clouds!
But I like the feel of these clouds.
Why can't you take my hand this time?
I don't want to take your hand in mine.
I'd cushion the crash of your high
Driving like this is a crime.

So I called an ambulance for you,
because that's what I needed to do
          And you
Tried to take me out of this mindset
That I did not want to leave yet.

But you drove without a seat belt on
and crashed through the windshield of your car
       And I
Wanted just to take a drive
I didn't know it'd threaten my life.

I'm going crazy
You're going crazy
Because I can hear the sirens,
but they sound slowed down.
I'm just under
the surface of consciousness
and I think I can hear that the sirens

So stay with me

I open my eyes and look to my right
to see broken glass sparkle like
diamonds in the one streetlight.
The ground is vibrating
as I'm shivering in shock.
The ambulance rumbles
the loose pieces of rock.
That rattle against the concrete
on this disaster of a street.

So broken bones and broken souls,
I'm hurting all over this ****** street.
Fill up the street that's full of holes.
Flashing lights make me close my eyes.
They push at your chest, so unkind
I'm floating again there are no ties.
In the ambulance you flatlined
Life is full of stupid lies!

Don't let your heart burst
© Tatiana
This is actually a very sad duet that I wrote awhile back.
Written by
Tatiana  23/F/earth probably
(23/F/earth probably)   
       Freddy Escamilla, abbey, Mel, Timothy and trf
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