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May 2018
Not even in my dreams have I ever dreamt of a woman as perfect as you,
With your voice that is as harmonious as the most majestic tune,
And with your face that leaves me in a haze throughout the whole afternoon,
I lie the nights away (where I continue to think about you)
For in my dreams, there you are with eyes of amazing hues,
Yet, in the dark, as I awake for another day, my eyes see the truth--
The woman of my dreams is already in my arms (snoozing away while looking ever so cute)
And with my heart touched as I have no idea of what to do,
I kiss this woman on her forehead and say "I guess dreams do come true"
Bryan Lunsford
Written by
Bryan Lunsford  M
         BrokenPieces, Hazel, Heather, No Nahme, Shabnam and 163 others
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