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May 2018
The night remains cold and the stars seem to falter
There isn’t a song sung tonight

How I yearn for the dawn to arrive
To at last be basking under the suns Light

You see, I’ve waited. I’ve waited.
I’ve felt and kissed and saw and cried.

I’ve waited. For so long a time all I could see were clouds blocking the sky and you. You. I saw you. There basked in light I never thought I’d see in my life.

I loved you. You loved me. I love you.
Truly I do. I can’t seem to see past your face your eyes your lips your everything, yet why?

Why must the moon replace the sun in the sky?
Why must the stars fall to the depth of the morning sky?

I thought of you the other day saw your face heard your words as they softly caress my hearing.

Oh how I loved to hear your words, your voice, your song. Oh how I loved you.

Maybe it’s the way you speak, like valleys slowly being filled up with oceans.

But you forget that I cannot swim.

The night draws closer and closer. I feel as if I lost you to the empress of the night sky.

To see you one last time, that will be alright. To tell you I love you, once again

I loved you.

Light slips away from my hands.

Your words float and dance in front of my eyes.

My lungs fill up with water.

As I desperately grasp for the morning light.
This is a response to the poem “ Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines”
Water-downed Sun
Written by
Water-downed Sun  cebu,PH
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