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Jun 2018
The significance of my being and meaning and impact.
When my time is over and mother nature calls me back.
Decomposing and crumbling  bones of my dirt nap.
The world turns and time in memorial won't give a crap.

      Nature's rules decide.
       All things abide.

When measuring in eons and we're a mere blip on the screen.
The profoundness of our meaninglessness could be overpowering.
Unknowable infinity of stars and what they have seen.
**** sapiens defining sum isn't worth mentioning.   

   In the darkness, endless, maw
   All, follow natures law

From the Complexities of vast galaxies beyond mortal man's understanding.
To the smallest intricacies  of nanoparticles, molecules, and atoms.
With the eternity of continuous space which is still hard to fathom.
Connected composites of muddy space dust created modern man at random.
Our Sun is one star. In our galaxy, where we sit, is 10 billion stars and our telescopes have observed 100 billion galaxies. That makes 100 billion trillion known stars. No wonder sometimes I feel so small and insignificant.
Written by
Eryck  29/M/Southern Ca
(29/M/Southern Ca)   
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