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May 2018
I won't dare write your name, the letters no longer plague my mind. I haven't spoken its language in so long, that I have finally rid my tongue of it's captivity.
I write this because you were once amazed by the memories held timelessly onto the paper my pen met. You told me to never stop writing, and why would I? Why would I allow you to rid my life of something else I love?
Listening to you was easy, because that's all I ever knew. Wrists bound to metaphorical chains, but even bound I trailed ahead. Remember, I do not belong to you, I never did.
I made up your apologizes in my head, the simple sorry's you never said. But how could I have forgotten, you never do anything wrong. Up on your throne, you were the king of "everything", but the day I walked away that all changed. For you ruled over me no longer.
You built up lives, more than just I, and burnt them down until we became the fire, yet our flames were only few. I refused to be tamed as if a beast trapped inside the rib cage in you.
Our lives were intertwined, but not knotted together. We were two forces too great. I broke out of those chains, and escaped your heart forever.
I am a queen that bows to no man, and a ***** that will wear no leash.
The wolves have been hunted by the pawns they call their sheep.
Britney Lyn
Written by
Britney Lyn  23/F/Michigan
   Sam and ---
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