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May 2018
Depression reaved my friends
Coaxing them with her motherly apparition
Nurturing  their tears by plundering their motivation
Depression deceived my friends
Singing a sweet lullaby of anxiety and isolation
Cradling their meager hearts in her lonely hands
Depression was once my friend
But I cast-off her beguiling, love-robbing sham
Many of my friends have been victims of depression, and I tried to rescue them, but unfortunately I wasn't enough to help them. I rejoice that they've gotten better, but at the same time their health has left me lonely because when they abandoned depression, they also abandoned me. I'm happy and strong now, but it's still sad reminiscing sometimes <3
Written by
Ash  Texas
       Iska, Feggyr Citack, Megha Sreevarprade and ---
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