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Apr 2018
Hey Mama, it’s me, how are you?
I hope you’re doing well.
I speak now from afar to
Share tales about your girl.
I’m sure you’d never argue
I lack for tales to tell,
Now I summon my inner bard to
Sing my heartfelt, late farewell.
I’m sure that you remember
My every dream, unbridled.
That ambitious spirit’s ember
That burns strongest in a child.
Mama, I am proud to say,
That passion ceased to waver,
And till my very dying day,
I'll be that spirited dream chaser.
And your brother is beside me,
An uncle tried and true.
And never stands by idly
Through each dream that I pursue.
Dear Mama, I’ve tasted failure,
But please, don’t be concerned.
For your guidance has been my saviour,
The framework for a lesson learned.
And Mama, oh the successes
I wish you’d been round to see,
Each joyful tear I’ve shed expresses
How much I hope you’re proud of me.
And Daddy’s been a soldier,
An eternal debt, to him, I owe.
For his unrelenting shoulder
Where I rest my head in woe.
Oh Mama, how I wish you
Could see your baby girl,
And know how much I’ve missed you
With my heartfelt, late farewell.
A message to a mother who passed before she was able to see her only daughter grow up..
Written by
Austin Lyons  M
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