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Apr 2018
because it is so mundane,
and o! lord, the shame.
me sitting here,
the anti revere;
for i sit in chairs of boredom,

i'm surrounded by books,
and muted crooks and look!
an endless queue;
a line-- tapping shoes,
far from my chairs of boredom,

"well, why don't you, pathetic and blue
just go do something else?"
well you see,
though i must agree,
i'm bound to my chairs of boredom,

i'm drowning in this hoodie
as i'm far from a beauty.
yet i still type on,
attention gone!
because i'm chained to these chairs of boredom,

i asphyxiate and choke
on carbon monotonous smoke
"she's asthmatic
and pathetic"
as i swallow in chairs of boredom,

a telegram delivered
as i unfolded it i shivered
to see that sight
a dangerous plight
my little chairs of boredom,

and mayb
i have no idea man i'm sitting in the school library cause i don't wanna go home but i also have nothing to do so here. i have no idea as to what any of this means.
Written by
cher  17/Non-binary/Singapore
   Benji James
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