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Apr 2018
A dragon came to my window on last night's silver winds.
Her rainbow wings set like sails, carrying scales and limbs.

Claws of tiny knives, perched the ledge without a sound.
Steamy breath escapes, shrouding her giant frame in clouds.

The beauty of the creature, no mortal could deny.
Hypnotized by the majesty, it's logic I deny.

I ponder her countenance, good or evil, friend or foe?
And without much debate, I find my feet have touched the floor.

To the window latch I stride, drunk with disillusion.
I lift the lock, then push a shove, force the frame to loosen.

The silver winds billow forth, crisp with scented magic.
The dragon calls out, her ancient voice, deep and warm with passion.

She promises no harm would fall me, that dragon's don't attack.
She invites me for a twilight ride, across the moon and back.

The night hovered darkly, under wide spread wings
I, the small explorer, grab hold of the dragon's scaly skin

Aloft the great beast, soaring high above those below
I am tickled with a simple feeling, ready and willing to explore

I turn and wave goodbye to my tiny window ledge
Swirled in magical feelings, my dragon soars the winds
My hand at mystical and whimsical
Lahkeesha Ghastin
Written by
Lahkeesha Ghastin  29/F/Appleton, WI
(29/F/Appleton, WI)   
       George, Marvin Paul, ---, Benjamin, --- and 3 others
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