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Apr 2018
I don’t want to be late in school, everyday.
But you’re 2 days straight late ahead.
“Hello” nevermind what do they call me
“Hi” nevermind what you see in me.

Next day, we get along each other.
But that’s just it. “See you later”
Got a piece of paper to chat silently.
Laughs along with me with greatly.

Little by little I see myself awful a lot.
You see yourself with her while I listen.
You talk a lot, you a lot, while you dance.
I’m a just an average girl sitting beside you.

Chanting inside of me “you can do this”
I made it.
“No I can’t” I’m such a loser in it.
I made it.

Who am I to you? I don’t understand still.
What are we? I still do not know.
What can we do about us? I have no idea.
What is it? Tell me the truth, honestly.

Every night I will look myself in mind,
What have I done to myself, I cried.
She told me the purpose of my confessions,
Confessions for you to know what am I to you.

These stamped scars I still have,
Will never be gone, will never be gone!
Will never fade!
If you please just hurt me more and I’ll be better.

If you hurt me more, I want myself to be numb.
I want myself to be shattered.
I want every pointed objects inside of me!
If you do not care, volunteer for me.
Written by
Julia Guzmani  15/F
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