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Apr 2018
Born avoidant (well, aside from being born at all),
inchscrutable as croutons under the futon, all

I've coveted is cover since a snorkelparka'd
helix, a weasel helix, from the snorkelparka'd

hydra of inscrutable happenstances
that clusterheadfuck this dappled happenstance,

home sweet anomie, Planet Earth.
Gardencentre Peklo na Zemi of astrotearth

antichthonic, inauthentic, even by where we buy
hardhitting chrysanthemums that buoy

my spi...buoyoyoing!  British budget impulse SCUDGE.
I love her but I begrudge her her scudge.

I love her but I begrudge her her polymorphic
pervert, our pending polymorphic

pervert who'll **** the udderade of the underaged
from Mum's scudgedup blebs. Negasonic middleaged

wordbod, I'll wear my 'World's Greasiest Dad'
tee, see out a sellout poete maudit grandad-

hood, but won't I still livelive this double life,
indicting her & in her debt for this nicelife.

com #invertedcommas I embrace in gardeninggloves?
Marsellus Wallace's Joy Division ovengloves;

the **** sphinxen & the tonguetied sphinxen
of the phenomenological shopfloor; situational sphinx

of Damocles' eyebrows over snorkaparkel'd
hydraheads, the Ultimate Question parked

like a rattletrap; old family recipes;
Zeus' zippo, Hoho Erectus the recipi-

ent of this original hot merch snaffled
by Prometheus Trotter; worth snaff all

to a shiquid lit. worthy like me, a squillion mid
burning Os in my Promethean pockets, a cool
squillion ******* mid;

1/r = 1/0 = ∞ but w/ all the ions .ed & the t-quarks x'd;
nuclear football override codes should TACAMOs get

honest to goodness alchemy, lapis philosophorum
(for the poet is legit filius philosophorum,

transmuting his pilgrim shadow into tanorexic El Rey
Dorado, his basement of basemetals, where nary a ray

of Fama gaily bedights, into a golden garret);
in Thomas Twitterton's garret,

Patricia Lockwood typing a tesseract out
of Pepe, tidepods, bobs, vagene: O what could out-

mean benign & grounding domestic stupor, Stepford Lice's  
Scudge Sundays of Love w/ his Sleaford wife, Mrs. Lice,

who checks out the checkout Unilever Nestle Kraft & Mars.
But a Steppenwulf wife would mar s-

olyent green & pleasant garden centre scudgey life.
Born avoidant: happy wife, happy life.
Lysander 'Lice' Hardy-Pearce
Written by
Lysander 'Lice' Hardy-Pearce  42/M/East Anglia, England
(42/M/East Anglia, England)   
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