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Apr 2018
Look at the beauty that a single moment has,
And you might lose yourself.
Lose yourself in the experience that God is real
And that His grace blesses us eternally...

How else can you explain the beauty of flowers,
in their myrid of shapes and sizes.
Infusing the earth with pollen and serenity,
Like sun rays breaking through clouds,
Giving us hope that Light will prevail...

To be human is to be broken.
It's to continuously try to find your way,
In a world that derails you from your path.
Cos whether we admit it or not,
We are not without flaws.
Just like there can't be Light without Darkness,
We cannot be perfect and still be human...

So embrace it all,
For there's a quiet beauty in being broken.
Imperfection is tainted by labels,
Yet it is fuel that constantly drives us,
Towards the road to self improvement.

For what would we strive for,if we were perfect?
Nothing,that's why we are Imperfect wonders.
Luyolo Mbulawa
Written by
Luyolo Mbulawa  25/M
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