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Apr 2018

We fight like cats and dogs
That we know is true
But this time is different
This is our final Que

I will admit I am wrong
I've overreacted, I did
I instantly assumed the worse
I treated you like a kid

I understand where your coming from
You only had the best thoughts in mind
I can't fault you for what you did
I shouldn't have been so blind

For this time I am in the wrong
This time I aren't to be forgiven
Because I wrote a poem
To which by anger, I was driven

But its clear this fight
Isn't like the rest
Its not in black and white
As our rawest emotions have been expressed
Which is causing quite alot of distressΒ Β 

This fight isn't just because of what happened
Its not because of what I just did
Its clear that our built up emotions caused this
This is just the tipping point
Of all those things that we hid

This time is really quite different
We wont forgive and forget
Because I was wrong but so were you
But now all that I'm saying seems like a threat

This time we were both in the wrong
And so is everyone involved
Don't get me wrong
I don't expect you to come running back
I never once did
Just wanted to inform you
I understand your point
But mine were also quite valid

So maybe now isn't the time
That the two should be together
For future reference maybe some day
We can possibly make things better

So I guess this is our final goodbye
As we are neither ready to come back and try
For our fates and selves, have brought this upon us
So in the end, Its funny that
both of us are trying to play the bad guy.
I was planning to post this yesterday but we were both consumed with hurt and anger still
But I believe that this needs to be said
I understand you're point of view and I was mostly in the wrong, and I know sorry isn't what you want to hear, So I'll stay silent and leave you alone.
I believe its best that we had time apart
Written by
Nyx  18/F/Shadows of the Opera
(18/F/Shadows of the Opera)   
       Nyx and Dev
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