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Apr 2018
Six to Twelve
(My Big Sister)

My sister,
she’s a silly ol’ priss.
Know what she did?
She gave her boyfriend a kiss!
Blech! Doesn’t she know
boys are just yucky?
Doesn’t she know
they’ll make you buggy?

We used to do things together,
my sister and me.
We’d play in our yard
And climb up our tree.

But now when my sister
Arrives home from school,
She calls up her boyfriend.
She thinks she’s SO cool.
She giggles and whispers
Closed up in her room.
She stays there forever!
All afternoon.

She’s acting so silly.
It must be a stage.
But I won’t be like that!
When I get to her age!

Twelve to Six
(My Little Sister)

My little sister,
she’s such a pest.
She goofs off in the morning
when she needs to get dressed.

She has to be reminded
to brush her teeth and her hair.
I have to tell her what to do sometimes
and even what to wear.

She can really get in my way.
I want to be serious,
but she wants to play.

I wonder will she ever grow up?
Will she be cool like me?
I know I was her age one time
but I was more grown up, you see!
Also for the children's book.
Written by
Mary-Eliz  Virginia
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