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Apr 2018
when you told me to be flattered
for being someones crush
while patching me up in the classroom
you taught me to mistake violence
for love
for affectionΒ Β 

constantly forcing me beside him
in hope that i might calm him down
taught me that his need for being comforted
was worth more
than my need to be safe

when you asked me to keep my no in for just a little while longer
you taught me to shrink my vioce to make room for others
and that my opinion
caused more discomfort
than his actions

and still
after all years of printing that in
you got the nerve to expect me to
loudly state no
and walk away from an abusing man
who use all those expression of love and affection
you taught me
to forgive
Written by
Jay  Sweden
     Fawn, Γ°, --- and Sam
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