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Apr 2018
We light up when it’s dark,
We are cowards in the night,
We set fire to these war signs,
And let them brainwash our minds

How many symbols that burn,
How many people who have to die,
We only agree with mass genocide,
If it doesn’t involve us

We are leaders, we are presidents,
We are the only ones allowed to breathe,
We are prime ministers, we are murderers,
We are government policies

How many lives that are lost,
How many and at what cost,
We take your privileges away from you,
We have no right to do what we do

Set fire to our country, set fire to yours,
Burn it to the stake when we are hungry,
For power an and when we wake,
Well here is my take on you

I’m disgusted for our nations,
I’m disgusted at this terror,
This has become less of a poem,
And more an open letter

Bombs and war and drones,
Dirt collected with our children’s bones,
Is it safe out here in the world?
Are we safe out here in the world?

We know not, yet we survive until we rot,
But I for one will not be broken by this,
All is not fair in love and war,
Though this is neither, this is power and greed.
Reagan Brooks
Written by
Reagan Brooks
     Filomena and APriCoT
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