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Apr 2018
Another Earth Day came and went,
Facebook “likes” and e-cards sent.
Locally grown, non-GMO
food was eaten, although
the packaging was thrown away---
it might get recycled—who knows? But hey
it was vegan and gluten free,
and that’s the best for you and me.
Craft Beer bottles bought by the case;
no thought of water gone to waste.
Glass bottles must be melted down,
but it happens in some other town.
Let’s take an Uber to the city;
the subway’s *****—such a pity.
Turn on the a/c, it’s too hot--
Yoga makes me sweat a lot.
Must buy some clothes for my little tot--
knitting? Sewing? That’s a lot
of work that I can’t find time to do.
The Third World does what I eschew.
I’m so virtuous; I’m so Blue--
I’m not Green? How dare you!
I'm not perfect; I drink diet soda sometimes.
Scarlet McCall
Written by
Scarlet McCall  San Rafael
(San Rafael)   
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