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Oct 2012
so it's pressure on my poetry
i revealed my superman
to those who have only known me as clark kent
and the powers of my word play
have now created a voice of their own
                                                                                                      but i'm not ready.
fear is stifling
and yeah i know
that's not how you grow
but who said i was trying to grow
the point was to release
escape or maybe even forget
but growth was never on my list
this has potential to be judgment
to have my raw emotions voiced to ears with open eyes that know my face
there is no hiding
but i'm sure there will be judgement
regardless if it is good or bad it is my life
it is real to me
                                                                                                     this is pressure.
i'm flattered by the new found faith in me
but i've been doing this all my life
and i still don't hardly trust it to the public
this is fear
i know these people
but what if they don't know my emotions
what if my words were to descriptive
or not enough
no this is not self doubt
this is conscious thinking before i walk the plank
would you allow the less glamorous pieces of your life to be spoken to your peers
better yet would you be brave enough to tell your own story
if so then teach me
cause my judgement day is tonight
i hope they get it
i hope they love it
i hope they at least respect
the courage it takes for me to go spit it.
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