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Apr 2018

You're playing a game
A dangerous one at that
You're trying to hurt me
But we simply cant have that

You're trying to play it cool
Attempting to pull the strings
Turning everyone against me
But its clear you cant be king

Everyone knows wiser
Their loyalty stands with me
So watching you "wrek" my life, is quite amusing I believe
Cause in the end I know the game,
But you're still quite naive

I'll sit back and watch
Leaving my cards perfectly clean
Giving you nothing to do or say against me
But it appears you're far too keen

No war is ever won
when one is blinded by rage
Its clear you've become your own demise
Trapping yourself within a stone cold cage

All you're assassination plans have failed
Trying to tear me from my friends

she hates you
He knows the truth
I'll reveal to them your lies

I make my move, and plan it well
By being straight forward and honest
I reassure them, express my feelings
Leaving with I love you and a promise

Each word becomes undone
You're tarnishing your own image
I want to start ****
You said, but even your friends think there is a limit

Informing me of you're plan
Their looking at you with pity filled eyes
The more you struggle the more you do
The more they loosen their ties from you

So please calm down, and step aside
I don't want to be responsible for your anymore of those tears you cry

You've hidden a rat within my midst
I know full well who it
So to that rat, I do understand
But its about time you Quit

So in this game of love and war
Where all things are fair
I believe that you should stop yourself
Otherwise beware
What are they trying to do?
Can't they see that the more they try and hurt me the more its just backfiring upon themselves?
Written by
Nyx  18/F/Shadows of the Opera
(18/F/Shadows of the Opera)   
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