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Apr 2018
I believe in me,
I like me in the mirror,
I am happy,
I could improve,
I shall try,
I am motivated.
I married into a family where women were treated as dust,
One day we had guests,
My husband slapped me,
Threw things at me,
Then started to abuse me verbally,
He wanted to silence me.
I know my worth,
I was important,not garbage,
I took courage and hit him hard,
Forced him to apologise,
Now he respects me and supports me.
I am powerful.
My mother-in-law too,tried to bully me,
Flung choicest insults at me
Ridiculed me in front of my friends,
No way! I inhaled confidence,
Tossed doubts about my ability out of the window,
Straightened her firmly.
We have peace at last!
I am exuberant.
Allah too,puts you on tests and trials,
I do my utmost to embrace the
By His Grace I manage,
I am energetic and earnest.
To beg and borrow I detest,
We manage to live within my huband'sΒ Β income.
I am accountable.
I hate envy and jealousy,
I distance myself  from gossips,
Instead I visit the sick and the aged,
I help the widows and orphans,
I am organised.
A smile costs less than electricity,
Mine is contagious,
I have a sense of humour too,
I spread my happiness,
It is my goal,I am ambitious.
I am not perfect,
I make mistakes,
I struggle to overcome them,
I want to make my today a better tomorrow,
I am at peace.
I am the mistress of my own thoughts and emotions.
Written by
Salmabanu Hatim  67/F/Tanzania
   Namita Anna Givi
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