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Apr 2018
Empress of cacti
Queen of the Night
She is resplendent
A fairie in flight
Glowing... a phosphor
With her inner light

The moon, her companion
They dance in the dark
Wooing and spooning
A'courting a spark
But they'll hearken to morning
Yes... they'll soon part...

They mourn at their parting
Such is their plight.

Her face alabaster
Her fingers so slight
She's proud and she's perfect
Her shoulders pure white
Of noblest bearing

The Queen of the Night.

(C) 3/26/2018
Dedicated to Cathy Wolfson, a dear friend.

The Queen of the Night is an orchid cactus. It's huge white blossom only opens at night to be pollinated by moths & bats. We have a variety of it in our yard... it's a wondrous sight in the moonlight!
Written by
       Nylee, Brother Jimmy, rose, Graff1980, Sjr1000 and 9 others
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