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Apr 2018
We were lying on her bed
listening to Gustav Mahler.

It was a small bed
so we were pretty much
thrown together after the event
of making love.

Both of us were hot
and lay there letting the air
from a slightly opened window
cool us down.

“I prefer his Second”
she said
“it has a more
religious overtone.”

Percy had been reduced
to a kind of cigar stub
and lay there
pathetically sleeping.

“I like his First
it has that power
and excitement
that he only tries to redo
in later symphonies”
I said.

She had small soft fruits
sleeping stiff there.

Nearby a cow mooed
and in the distance
a tractor moaned
across a field.

“I thought you preferred
his Fifth you said?”
she said turning
towards me.  

“I did but I prefer
the First now”
I replied.

A dog barked
over the way
and a car sped past
on the lane outside.

“Thank you
for the Solzhenitsyn book”
she said
“it looks quite deep.”

I noticed how well formed
she was and how her small thatch
was a different shade
to that of her hair on top.

“It is deep
and rather depressing”
I said.

Another cow mooed
and the dog barked again.

A car drew up slowly
in the drive.

“The parents”
she said
and leapt from bed.

I leapt off too
and scrambled
for my clothes
as did she
like a scene
from a film.

The car's engine
was still running.

She looked out
of the window

“It's not them
someone has drawn in
by mistake
and are going out again”
she said
sounding annoyed.

I stood half dressed
half ****.

She mouthed expletives
which sounded quite rude.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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