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Apr 2018
hm. somehow i missed you,
anxiety. i feel
more myself, this is
familiarity in a
nutshell--i know the
in my chest cavity
better than i know
it seems.
i guess i'm not the epitome
of health, these days
late nights
droughts and self-doubt all
seem to take out
the part of me that used
to dream. or think. or
do anything at all
i guess that's okay,
i guess
between loneliness
and fear there's
an alleyway, home,
somewhere you don't go
until you're there
and realizing more
and more
how easy it is
to stay
   hard it is
                           to care.
**** i super appreciate everyone who takes the time to like/love/comment i love u if u do that i s2g
Written by
avalon  19/F
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