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Apr 2018
Why must my brain go on these tangents
The thoughts of what my purpose is and why am I here’s that scream throughout my head
The ecos of a person telling me “I wish you were dead”
Inside myself I know this not to be true
But in reality in the cruel harsh world
I have no purpose
We all die in the end so why bother
They say that we all have bad days
Maybe this is one of my bad days
Where the thoughts don’t stop
Of why I am alive to the how should I keep living
I don’t care anymore
They won’t stop ever
There has to be some sort of reason to be here on this earth
Maybe I’m stupid to think that
Maybe there’s nothing out there and it’s all pointless
In response to all of the void I will keep screaming
Even though no one will hear maybe someone will see me
I’m screaming to you
Who can hear me
Find your own point
So that when I find mine we can make a constellation in the stars.
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