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Apr 2018
I worship a body of one’s own
In a world where nobody is born naked anymore.

Please, show me how to own my ****** In the realm of human crudity.

So, bear with me, as I clear my thoughts.
Why is everyone more horrified by ******* and vaginas
Than authoritarianism in China?

We don’t blink an eye while watching executions on TV
Or images of refugees drawing in the Aegean sea.

But we need to be protected from the sight of women’s ******* as we stay unruffled on the sight of war cripples.

How bewilderingly curious we are
To watch the remains of a terrorist attack.

Or a knife across a throat that starts bleeding,
Or observe brain fluid's seeping.

But how indifference and repulse are leading
When it comes to watching vaginas discharges and period bleeding.

And how terror and fear are defeating
The grandeur of an image capturing an ******’s screaming.

How startlingly we have tangled the splendor of yearning for ****** violence with the horridness of capricious ultra violence.

The body doesn’t corrupt humanity. The body is humanity.

Where was your Jesus when you’re greedy?
Was he baptizing the human body’s affair with its holy cravings seedy?

Beware, beware,
of the fools who have debauched the human flesh
and give it to the dogs to tear.
Written by
LNI  Paris
     ---, ConnectHook, Oakley Barnes and TSPoetry
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