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Mar 2019
You are all I think about.
Your skilled hands smoothing down my body,
Your intense stare committing my soul to memory,
Your praising words filling me with confidence.
I'll do anything to please you-
Compulsive obsessive obedience.
You are my reason for being.
Without your regulations I'd be in misery,
Without your guidance I'd chip away into nothing.
Without your support what would be the point of breathing?
I can't live without you-
Claustrophobic choking.
You're my everything.
My will, my strength, I depend entirely on you.
My future, my reason why, hell, you hung the moon.
My rock, my caretaker, butterflies endlessly flapping.
My heart beats so **** fast-
Palpitations over exceeding.
You took your time,
sanding me down nice and smooth,
filing away all my knobs and flaws.
Holding me in your angelic claws.
You used such procision,
Splinting my posture,
Stringing my limbs to your cross.
Prooving to me that you are my God.
I would lie for you, my love.
I would die for you, my love.
My love.
Cindy Long
Written by
Cindy Long  28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..
(28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..)   
   MeanAileen and Fawn
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