I'm sorry I ruined your life
Changed your relationships forever
With your kids and your wife

I'm sorry I put you through Hell
I can't take that away
My own Satan spell

I'm sorry I hurt your heart
That was not my intention
I want to restart

I'm sorry for this roller coaster of emotion
I want you to know
For you I have infinite devotion

I'm sorry for all that I've done
It will haunt me forever
You didn't deserve this, not one bit, none

I'm sorry I couldn't be better
I'm too immature
The best I can do is this letter

I'm sorry my rhymes are choppy
I want you to see what I mean
But the way I show it is sloppy

I'm sorry I can't make you stay
It means nothing now, but
You're my Sunbeam on a dark dismal day

I'm sorry I cry late at night
This bizarre set of circumstances
Is an internal fight

I'm sorry I'm plagued with guilt and remorse
Wondering daily
What would be the right course

I'm sorry I never told you
How much you mean to me
And how I just want to hold you

I'm sorry you fell for my soul
I fell for yours too
You made me feel whole

I'm sorry I express feelings through poetry
I can't seem to find a better way
I hold to my heart my rosary

I'm sorry my prayers get no answer
I'm poison in your life
My presence is cancer

I'm sorry I fell for you too
It felt natural to me
It was the best thing to do

I'm sorry again for it all
No matter what I say
My words will seem small

I'm sorry this is goodbye
It was the best I could do
But it means nothing to try
Ryoka Fontaine
Written by
Ryoka Fontaine  18/F/The Enterprise
(18/F/The Enterprise)   
     Deovrat, Desmond and Korya Natoifen
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