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Apr 15
I am going to miss
The smell of freshly cut summer green
When lawns are manicured
To an inch of pristine

I will always look
For the day shattering light
As the warming rays break through
The cold blanket of night

Eyes closed, breathing deep
My senses searching for the perfume
Of a remembered summer meadow
When buttercups opened in crowded bloom

Tips of Fingers
Caressing a soft cotton shirt that you wore
As my lips brush lightly over your smile
One kiss is never enough, I always want more

I will remember
Warm nights on soft white sands
Listening to the sighs of an ebbing tide
As we lay on a blanket with entangled hands

I see you
Replaying the film of this life, I was given the chance
To build memories in multi-colour stereo
And have experienced a life of sensual dance
Written by
Amanda  F/uk
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