Apr 15
A troll was stalking, he had no pity
Under the bridge he'd wait
and suddenly attack anyone
walking home late, or out on a date.

A troll in denial that was clear,
something to fear, as he lurked near
with always a sneer
wrapped in a tear.

A troll never sharing, or caring
always daring to bring you down
adept at callousness
wanting you for breakfast.

One day the troll felt old
He caught an awful cold
could not be so bold,
needed a hand to hold.

He shouted help!
From beneath the bridge
and I ran to his rescue
put out my hand.

As the troll reached up
I saw his cup of evil
spill, flow down the hill
as more dreams he killed.

I dropped his hand
and ran and ran.
And heard a loud

Bless you, I said
as I carried on home to write this poem.
http://www.napowrimo.net/ Day 15 suggested prompt a villain faces an unfortunate situation and is revealed to be human, but still a villain. Troll
Verlie Burroughs
Written by
Verlie Burroughs  Canada
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