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Apr 2018
I have never been more hurt,
I have also never felt as special,
With anyone,
As I did with you.
That's why the word bittersweet exists,
To describe how I'm feeling now.

I would never erase it,
Because if you erase the pain,
The good parts go along with it.
But honestly,
Either way you lose.

Because now,
The good memories are just as painful as the bad ones,
Because they're just a reminder of a time that has slipped away.

I have no present,
No future,
All I do is live in the past.
Relive these memories over and over again,
Because there is nothing in the moment,
That's strong enough to pull me away.
Nothing stronger,
Than what you were to me.

I have to mourn you like you are dead,
But then,
You show me that you're not.
And it's confusing,
Because then,
Why am I living,
Memory to memory?

And it hurts so much,
That I can barely breathe,
Because how can I be so lost in something,
That you can no longer see?
Written by
Flame  F
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