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Apr 2018
Your words whisper sweet caresses of death as they flow into my ears,disguised as lullabies.Your eyes alight with treachery,like loki,the Asgardian God of Mischief.

You tugged at the strings of my heart,like it was a finely tuned instrument.For you enjoyed the music they created,cos my pain was nothing but a musical note in your ears.

My heart has turned cold,like the top of Mount Everest.Cos the higher you go,the colder it gets.
But to me the opposite is true.Cos the lower I sink into depression,the colder my heart gets.
And I wonder if this is the end.

Cos you made me feel like Superman.Until I told you the source of my power-you.
And you decided to take it away like Delilah took away Samson's strength.

How could you do this?
Blowing flowery kisses to my face,while you spewed poison behind my back.
And now as I try to analyse your motives,I can't deduce the lies from the facts.

By : Luyolo Mbulawa
Luyolo Mbulawa
Written by
Luyolo Mbulawa  25/M
       Medusa, Shayn Powell, Midnight, --- and laura
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