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Apr 2018
The power of the mind
I have heard those words
Thought them to be nothing more
Than just a play on words
But not today, oh, not today
It was the yellow sweater I saw first
I know right!! YELLOW sweater
Let's just let that go
Then the face, your face
The one I have been trying do hard not to forget
Those eyes I could not stare into for more than a few seconds
For they always seem  to be staring back at my soul
Saying I know what you are thinking, I can see your heart beating
I could not contain myself, like an open book I let out a smile,
My ***-IT-IS-REALLY-YOU! smile
Hidden behind the HAPPY-NEW-YEAR, LONG-TIME-NO-SEE greetings
Oh I believe!!!! I am a believer!!! i believe in its power
The power of the mind, My mind,
The one you have been breezing in and out
Of like a ghost, the friendly one though
Whispering your name in calligraphic puffs of air
Once or twice for the past couple of weeks
Now you are here, standing in front of me
The 3rd time today, asking if you had changed in anyway
And I saying just saying "No"
When all I was screaming inside to say was
Your fine self is finer than the last time I laid eyes on you.

©Belema .S. Ekine
There is this guy I have a crush on
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