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Apr 2018
(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 10, 2018)

We roller skated right to the edge of 1978
and when the sidewalk was too close to home
we skated up the hill to the edge of the trees
where we walk-skated through the woods
toward the lake. We found abandoned places,
an old chewed-up couch and rusted, white appliances.
And when we heard the voices of bigger boys,
we hid behind big trees and waited
until the back-way path to the pool was clear.

We spent the afternoon jumping into the pool
yelling silly things before cannonballs.
We skated the sidewalks two blocks home.
One day two Missouri rednecks in a car,
probably imagining themselves some dukes of hazard,
threw beer on us from their window and yelled “*****.”
I remember our shocked faces and sticky legs.
We were a block from my house.

I remember realizing
how close we were
to men who would throw beer
at eight-year old girls.

That’s not quite true though.
I took artistic license there
to give the poem a loop.
On pool days we didn’t skate
and on skate days we didn’t swim.

“Well, if that part’s not true, maybe none of it's true.
Maybe no one threw beer at you.”

See that?
I can still hear them to this day.
These poems for NaPoWriMo were inspired by a poem I did years ago for my friend Michelle after hearing she passed away, 30 poems for inspiring women connected to me. The title now says "33 Women" because the poem to Michelle poem had already been written as well as two prologues I posted March 31.

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Mary McCray
Written by
Mary McCray
   Joel M Frye and J
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