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Apr 2018
I will.                                                   No, you can't!
I can.                                                    No, you musn't!
You're never free.                               Let me out!
I can control you.                               No, wait!
Just another human.                          Is this who you are?
Yes, it is so.                                          Is this who I loved?
No, it isn't. but I don't care.              Come back!
This is me!                                           No! It isn't!
Now say,"I love you, dear."              You aren't my dear!
"I need you, love."                              I don't need you anymore!
Hush! Listen, "dear".                          I won't shut up!
You'll have to.                                     No!
Yes.                                                       Stop!
I can do anything I want.                  "Yes, you can"
See, I told you.                                    Ugh!
I will do anything.                              I know you now.
You love me, you know.                    I don't anymore!
You need my power.                          I can survive alone.
Oh, come on. I know your desire.    No, you don't!
You want me dead.                            Yes!
Ha! You know you don't.                   STOP!
Written by
Dua Kim  15/Non-binary/Korea
     LW, Jay, PM, Anderson M, Wordmancer and 1 other
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