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Apr 2018
Little Johnny took his life last night because him and his girlfriend got into a fight. She said I want us to be over and he found solace at the end of a revolver. Now she’s crying by his coffin saying she still loves him. Things would have been ok in a day or two if they had of talked like adults   do. All the adults will say he had his whole life ahead of him.

Young Chloe reads her last text then takes a hand full of pills. Her so called friends that sit there at the cemetery say that wasn’t the intent of calling her a pig in her prom dress. Never mind about the thousands of messages they’ve sent before telling young Chloe she’s a *****. All the adults will say she had her whole life ahead of her.

Young Jim got this Skyline for his birthday he’s been driving for a year or so. He thinks it’s awesome doing skids. till he looses control and hits the pole that was hid. His friends that sit in the little church that cheered him on say it was all over in a sec man what a wreck. All the adults will say is he had his whole life ahead of him.
I wrote this piece manly because in New Zealand we have such a huge youth suicide culture that still isn’t getting fixed as well as young people in cars way to fast for what they can handle. Yet nothing gets done
Written by
Karl Tomkins  29/M/Auckland, New Zealand
(29/M/Auckland, New Zealand)   
     Rick the shoe shine boy and ð
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