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Apr 2018
Captain Chicken would be afraid of his own shadow
He was just that hallow
It all started with Captain Chicken travelling the seven seas
He would be scare even with the breeze
But he was a Sailor at the time
But Captain Chicken could be a little sublime
It was a violet storm, and the waves were pouring into the ship
The ship began to do up and down dips and the sides in tip
The crew began to panic
Of course Captain Chicken was simply frantic
Oh the Mighty Seas that raw
A chicken Captain in watching the Sea Waves he saw
The so called Captain Chicken could very well had been a tuna dish below
Yet, the crew managed to pull through the ordeal
But was Captain Chicken for real?
However, but what I didn’t tell you was Captain Chicken didn’t know how to swim
How fitting for a ship that sails on water
But what would happen if the ship should certainly sink?
This is where Captain Chicken would have to think
But the closest water to Captain Chicken would be a *** of Boiling Water
But not necessarily in that order
You might be thinking, it sounds more like a plot
But this is reality having a not
Captain Chicken ranking from Sailor to Captain
That means maneuvering the ship through unforgotten waves and obstacles
But it’s water not being Captain Chicken’s refuge
He’s lucky he has two legs to stand on
But again with another question of how long?
But what really comes to mind is at least Captain Chicken’s legs didn’t become a drumstick
No courage would be what would stick
Captain Chicken with a ship name I would call “Chicken of the Sea”
That describes Captain Chicken in every way
In fact, the name Captain Chicken is what will stay
But it all started on this day
No one will ever forget Captain Chicken
But the end result is, no matter what, Captain Chicken will be controlled by the waves and the waves message, “Captain Chicken, you will have to behave”
We control the sea waves.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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