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Apr 2018
a hand grows from
your ****** and reaches
out for the world

in its palm a mouth
it does not withdraw
meekly speechifying from
within cloistered walls

a peace sign

"i come in peace"

as if

*** is a temper
tantrum beat on
a body inside-out

manhood cannot be
measured in height,
nor womanhood curves


a child cries

the revolution has
been televised,
given your mouth
*** appeal and turned
those nubs into
lovely little lumps

a confetti
of *** falls

swim in a disco ball

in the sky plays
a videography of
your hands(ful)
of genitals

a means to
an end, ends
are made
to meat

atheists make
a religion of the self/
this is what
looks like

what it is
when it gropes you

what it feels
like when you want
to get dressed,
but it decides you
must stay ****.
Written by
stylesclash  28/M/USA
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