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Apr 2018
My dear friend,
You are a Queen
Don't ever forget that ****.
Chin up, eyes forward,
Head held high, confident.
These boys be stressin
Don't know what they lookin
Don't let them ruin your starlight
Love, cause you deserve more.

You're a Queen
Full blown royal regality
That's the reality.
Your court's full of Jesters
Tryina take
While you wait
And search for your King.

You're a Queen;
Inside and out, you're beautiful,
Sweet, kind, strong, and gentle.
So you gotta beware these
Kids tryina **** up your mental.
They wear fools gold crowns
You're young so don't let
Them take you off your seat.
Save your tears for that one
Who'll know what it means
To respect, adore, and love you
In his full capicity cause he
Know's you deserve to know
You can trust him with your heart.
You're a Queen, love,
Don't let these jokers tear you apart.
Written by
JJRKelly  24/M/Chicago
   Elizabeth J
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