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Apr 5

This isn't about being numbed,
or blinded....and most definitely
not being an ingrate.

an eerie feeling came with a breeze:
a  life of long ago
came back......and lingered,
fed my hungry mind with
resurrected difficult moments.

there were tears.....and  laughter,
our feelings, our heartbeats were heard,
we had that kind of warmth...a nearness
only we, could possess.

t'was like brewing coffee....waiting,
'til bubbles started seething,
aroma and taste were satisfying,
what remained in the carafe
got cold...became  stale and rough
to the mouth.
confused heart,
refused to fall apart.
how hard it had been at the start,
our kites flew high
so did our sighs.

how could expected changes,
how could progress be trailed by an emptiness?
why did i hear a pricking whisper of discontent?

plans didn't stop........i thought,
half the ladder was high enough.
somewhere along the way
....why did love have to stray?

a smoke of displeasure
took a long while...to disappear

in those times of simple dreams,
our humble needs and wants did scream
some days may have been dim,
still................we were a team.

...i miss...those hungry years...


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
April 1, 2018
Sally A Bayan
Written by
Sally A Bayan  F/Manila, Philippines
(F/Manila, Philippines)   
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