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Apr 2018
"You said you would go anywhere with me, are you ready to prove it?"
She says as she holds her hand out, so comforting.
Confused but trusting I grasp onto it, as we board the train.
I'd follow her anywhere, this doesnt seem so bad
The lights begin to flicker, the skies turn from rays of sunshine to black
And something doesnt seem right about these tracks, but it's too late to turn back.
I'm stuck on here until its over
It begins to become colder
it must just be a glitch, this is nothing, I can handle this
I have to be strong so she doesnt sense my fear
I need to be the one who protects her she chose me to come on this ride to hell with
I lean over to give her a kiss and feel nothing, she disappeared
Open my eyes and turn to see her 2 rows up next to him
She turns back, smiles with a smirk on her face
As the train hits the breaks, this is my chance to get out and run, I can save myself from this train wreck
I get up and walk to the back door, I just need to get off and save myself
Before I step off I look at her blue eyes,
Stare at me in disappointment
maybe I should stay incase she needs help,
I walk back to my seat and sit down
Those pericing blue eyes staring at me turned firey red
"You ******* coward you were going to leave me for dead?"
I have come to the realization what this ride is
We are going to crash, as I see the cliff and broken tracks ahead
Why the **** didnt I get off? She doesnt need me she has him instead
This must be a bad dream, as I start hitting my head
Wake the **** up! This isnt real!
This ******* love is like a jail, I should of ran but its too late now
We are about to go down..
How could she do this to me? Bring me on this death trap
She begins to laugh while watching me suffer
I did this all for a lover, I did this all to prove something to her
I go back to the door, its open, but the trains still going
I can jump out of this misery, but it is going to hurt like hell...
Regardless this isnt going to end well,
I dont want to jump, I cant stand the thought of the never ending pain,
As I turn back at her, she stands up and smiles at me and lights a match and flickers it onto the floor of the train
Im ****** either way, so I close my eyes and jump as far as I can
I open my eyes to see the bruises and scrapes all over my body
Close my eyes and lay back, the pain is excruciating
I hear a chuckle next to me, open my eyes and see her standing next to me
Dressed in white, like an angel
I try to get up but im in to much pain
"Oh foolish girl the real question is why would you get on that train with me?"
You see love comes with a price, especially when youre playing my game.
Her blue eyes turn that evil red again, her halo turns to horns
Im not your lover, I was just the ring leader in this twisted fantasy
You should of never been so trusting
You lost because you couldnt play it smart
You cant think with your stupid little heart
Maybe next time youll be able to see people for who they really are
Just a devil really good at playing her part.
Megan Van Zetten
Written by
Megan Van Zetten  22/F/Canada
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